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  • 铸雅山房Elegance Casting Chamber

    铸雅山房是设计师自创品牌,由90、80、70后的篆刻书画及商业设计爱好者组成,专门结合商业设计提供高水准的篆刻、书法、国画作品定制,另外我们还为阁下准备了多元雅致的包装方式,令您获得更完整的美感体验。欢迎来电来邮咨询、采买。(篆刻使用建议:1、中国书画爱好者必备;2、藏书鉴赏;3、表明身分;4、产品包装,商标;5、纪念品馈赠;6、纹身。)Elegance Casting Chamber is created by designers who are passionate about seal engraving, calligraphy, painting and commercial design for which we provide a high standard personalised service. We also provide elegant gift wrapping solutions for all our products. Please email 76491462@qq.com or phone 86+771+5314321 for further information. (Seal Engraving Suggested Application:1. Necessities for Chinese painting and calligraphy lovers; 2. Collection and appreciation; 3. Status Symbols; 4. Product package and trademark; 5. Souvenir and gifts; 6. Tattoo.)